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Extra services

Car cleaning and cosmetics

Dear customers,

The car wash service is only available above + 8 °C, because the chemicals don't work below that temperature. Therefore we cannot guarantee that our partner will wash the car in the wintertime, but if the circumstances allow it, it will be done.

Thank you for your understanding!

On the list below, you may find the packages you may order:

External cleaning X X X
Rim cleaning X X X
Window cleaning X X X
Vacuuming   X X
Internal plastic cleaning   X X
WAX     X
Prices (regular sized vehicles)2 900 HUF4 900 HUF6 900 HUF
Prices (large vehicles)3 480 HUF5 880 HUF8 280 HUF

Extra charges

There is a 20% extra charge for overland vehicles and MPVs or for vehicles suitable for more than 5 persons.

There is a 20% extra charge for heavily soiled vehicles (e.g.: dog hair, mud, bugs).

NANOTECH Wash extra car cosmetics services

Drape cleaning Cleaning the internal velour, leather, plush surfaces in the the car at a basic price of 3.000 HUF/seat,
which could be higher based on the type of the soil. In case of extreme soil, price is a matter of discussion.
from 3.000 HUF
Bodywork polishing - man made 7.500-12.500 HUF, based on the spread of the surface. from 7.500 HUF
Bodywork polishing - machine made 15.000-30.000 HUF, based on the spread of the surface, and the depth of scratches. from 15.000 HUF

Luggage wrapping

We can wrap your luggage in the office of our parking. Your luggage may be damaged, opened by unauthorized people, during your flight. You can prevent it by getting your luggage wrapped.

In our parking, this service costs 2000 HUF/piece, which is a lot cheaper than at the airport.

If you wish you luggage to be wrapped, please indicate it on the reservation form.

Discount travel insurance only Hungarian citizens

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