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Vecsés, Üllői út 859.



2220 Vecsés, Üllői út 859.

  • Szél. / É / Lat.: 47,42090
  • Hossz. / K / Lon.: 19,24131

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We would come with more cars

If you arrive at the car park with more than one car, a separate booking is required for each car.

What are the differences between the outdoor and indoor parking places?

The outdoor parking places are uncovered, and the covered parking places are located our sealed garage building. Therefore the uncovered parking places are available in lower prices. Besides, there are no other differences, both type of parking places are located in our secured, protected parking area.

I deceided to cancel my booking. What should I do?

If you cancel your travel, please, indicate it to our team by e-mail or phone on the one of our contacts. There are no costs of canceling your booking.

How can I modify my booking?

If you departure orarrival date or time changed, please, indicate it to our team by e-mail or phone on the one of our contacts. There are no costs of changing date or time.

Are there any other costs

We do not count any costs other than shown in our prices table. There are no hidden costs!

Is it preferable to go to the airport with own car rather than TAXI?

We can't give a general answer. It depends on your inhabitancy, and on how long is your travel. We recommend to consider, how much cost the TAXI from your departure to the airport (back and forth!!), and how much cost the parking in our parking place for the travelling dates. Do not forget also about the fuel costs. In our experience, in the most cases the own car + parking is much more advantageous. If the price is similar, please note that if you come with your own car and parking here, we guard your car.

What is the indoor garage?

Garages are located in our fully covered and enclosed parking building.

If you park indoor, you have to leave the keys for safety reasons.

Can I pay with my credit card?

Yes, you can pay with your credit card!

How is the cost of parking calculated?

The parking price is calculated based on 24 hours and not on calendar day. Moreover the first 2 hours are considered as grace period and price is included in the 24 hour price.

For instance you arrive at 16.00pm today and you leave before 18.00pm tomorrow you need to pay the price of the 24hour parking service but in case you leave after 18.00pm you need to pay the price of 2 days parking service

How can I get back to my car after arrival?

After arrival and luggage check please call the phone number found on the parking card and our colleague with the transfer bus is going to pick you up at the Terminal

Can commercial vehicles be parked?

In our parking area located on the border of Budapest and Vecsés we can offer secured parking service for commercial vehicles for short and longer term as well.

Our prices are calculated to meet your requirements - price of parking depends on time, frequency, size of vehicle. Please ask for prices from our colleagues!

There is a possibility for parking any type of commercial vehicles:

  • trucks
  • trailer trucks
  • bus
  • agricultural vehicles etc.

Call us on +3630-332-79-9 for more details!

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