Kedves Utasaink!

Reptéri parkolónk, az Airport Parking Center az elmúlt 7 évben ügyfelei maximális kiszolgálására törekedett. Büszkék vagyunk sikereinkre, ügyfélorientált üzletpolitikánkra, vendégeink bizalmára, akik többségét visszatérő ügyfélként köszönthettük parkolónkban.

Mindazonáltal jelen járványügyi helyzet (COVID 19) minket sem került el, és bár hosszú hónapokon át igyekeztünk megőrizni stabilitásunkat, ezért 2020. november 1-jétől bizonytalan ideig BEZÁRUNK! Köszönjük, hogy megtiszteltek minket bizalmukkal és partnereink között köszönthettük Önöket.

Amennyiben jövő évben pozitívak lesznek a kilátások, akkor újranyitunk, melynek részleteiről mindenképpen tájékoztatjuk Önöket.

Dear Passengers!

Our airport parking company, Airport Parking Center, has been striving to provide maximum service to its customers for the past 7 years. We are proud of our successes, our customer-oriented business policy, the trust of our guests, most of whom we welcomed as a returning customer in our car park.

Nevertheless, the current situation (COVID 19) has not escaped us either, and although we have been trying to maintain our stability for many months, we are CLOSING for an indefinite period from 1 November 2020!

Thank you for honoring us with your trust and for welcoming you among our partners. If the business environment will be positive on the first month of the next year, we will reopen, the details of which will be communicated to you.

Tisztelettel/Best regards
Airport Parking Center Team


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Tel: +36 30 374 9650, 
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Vecsés, Üllői út 859.


2220 Vecsés, Üllői út 859.

  • Szél. / É / Lat.: 47,42090
  • Hossz. / K / Lon.: 19,24131

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Parking informations


Once you have arrived at our airport car park, after a short administration, you (or our staff if required) will park your car in a suitable parking space for you. At the same time, your luggage will be transferred to our airport shuttle bus.


After packing, our colleague will take you and your passengers to Liszt Ferenc Airport or to the desired destination by minibus. Of course, our colleagues will help you to unpack and pack your luggage both at the airport and in our car park.


During the administration we will issue a parking card, which will allow you to pick up the car upon return.


Once you have landed your plane and picked up your luggage, call the phone number on the parking card so that our colleague can go out to the airport for you at the specified terminal.


Upon arrival in our car park, the administration, the parking of the car and the reloading of luggage take approx. It takes 5-10 minutes. Liszt Ferenc Airport is 1.5 km away from our airport car park, which means a 10-20 minute journey time depending on traffic. Upon your return, we will arrive at the specified terminal within 10-15 minutes of your phone call.

PARKING RULES - General Term and Condition

This material regulates the operating framework of the airport parking lot operating in the area of ​​Airport Parking Center, 2220 Vecsés, Üllői út 859.


• BTB Consulting Team Kft

• 2220. Vecsés, Arany János utca 77 / A

• Tax number: 13397841-2-13

• email:

Parking process:

The traffic rules apply in the parking area. The maximum permitted speed is 10 km / h. The parking regulations and general terms and conditions are valid from passing through the front door line!

The car staff within the car park is assisted by the car park staff. Vehicles must be parked according to the instructions of the staff, but even in the absence of control, so that the parking does not obstruct the movement of other vehicles, as well as boarding and loading.

Vehicles can be stored locked with the built-in safety devices (additional mechanical and electronic protection, if any) switched on.

The customer can keep the keys to the vehicles with him, but can arrange for the staff to keep the keys on request. In the case of cars parked in the garage, the handing over of the keys for fire safety reasons is mandatory, if the passenger fails to do so, he can do so at his own risk, ie damages resulting from lack of movement are borne by the vehicle owner.

In the event of force majeure, the operator may move or you can transport it if necessary. Force majeure includes fires, natural disasters, assassinations and acts of terrorism, as well as any unforeseeable event which cannot be prevented by human force and in which the operator is not in a position to ensure the safety of persons and property.

During entry and exit, checks and data are recorded.

It is possible to leave the car park by presenting the parking card, during the exit the staff checks the right to take the vehicles.

General Terms and Conditions (GTC)

With access to the car park, a contract for the storage, preservation and ancillary services of the vehicle is concluded between the operator and the users of the service, including the driver and passengers of the vehicle (hereinafter together: the customer), as stipulated here.

  • Parking Regulations,
  • GTC and
  • Transfer procedure
  • Pricing

It is governed by certain terms of the agreement between the customer and the travel agent contracted by him.

The operator will publish the tariff applicable to individual customers on the website or post it in the car park office.

The rules set out here apply to the fenced area of ​​the car park. The provisions on contractual liability and the settlement of claims shall continue to apply after recovery.

Upon entering the car park, the operator shall, in accordance with data protection legislation, provide the necessary certification and proof within the scope of operation, or performs data recording for security purposes:

When the vehicle is driven in, a video recording is made, on which the passengers of the vehicle may also appear. The operator will use the recordings only within the scope of operation of the car park, and will destroy them 30 days after the termination of the legal relationship. The recordings are issued by the operator only upon official request specified by law, for official use.

The staff records the vehicle registration number next to the customer data.

In the event of a dispute over the condition of the vehicle, the burden of proving the condition recorded by the operator shall be on the customer. The costs of proof cannot be borne by the operator even if it is successful.

The customer acknowledges that in order to prove the ownership (disposal) of the vehicle, the operator accepts the vehicle registration certificate or registration certificate as an authentic certificate.

Based on the above documents proving the ownership and the data recording, the operator issues a parking card when entering the car park. By receiving the parking card, the customer acknowledges the arrangements made here.

Upon entering the car park area, the operator shall consider the person certifying the ownership as described above to be the customer entitled to the vehicle. When leaving the vehicle, if there is no obvious doubt, the person holding the vehicle keys and presenting a parking card is considered to be the customer entitled to the vehicle.

Obligation of the operator:

For a fee included in the current tariff, the parked vehicle will be stored in an outdoor and covered guarded car park.

The vehicle will be issued to the person holding the keys and presenting a parking card in the state recorded during the data recording against payment of the parking fee,

Provides safe conditions for the movement of vehicles in the car park and

According to the transfer, Liszt Ferenc Airport provides an airport shuttle service to Terminals 2.

The customer is obliged to pay the fees according to the operator's records and to keep the parking card, as well as to comply with the Parking Regulations.

The responsibility of the operator extends to the preservation of the vehicle, taking into account the specifics of the open car park. The operator is not responsible for any contamination of the vehicle during outdoor storage, nor for normal parking damage caused by other parked cars. Dust contamination can also occur in the covered garage, for which the operator cannot take responsibility either.

The operator does not inspect the property placed in or left in the passenger and luggage compartments of the vehicle, nor does it collect data about them, so liability related to them is excluded. The operator is not responsible for any property left in the passenger and luggage compartments of the vehicle, in particular audio, video or telecommunication and navigation equipment.

The operator excludes all liability for damages in cases of force majeure not covered by the insurance and for the consequences of official regulations.

No live animals, substances that pose a risk to public health, chemicals, explosives, or any object the possession of which is prohibited by law may be stored in the vehicle. If this is suspected, the operator shall notify the authority and proceed in accordance with the authority's instructions.

Payment of the parking fee:

Parking organizers and customers organized by travel agencies pay the parking fee in the manner specified in the travel contract

Individual customers are required to pay the fees when leaving the car park, but this can be paid in advance if required.

Unless otherwise agreed, payment is only possible with the current legal tender, cash and bank card.

The discounts (promotions, frequent flyer, etc.) given in the tariffs of the car park and travel agencies cannot be combined, ie only one discount can be claimed at a time.

The customer acknowledges that the parking area can only be left with the vehicle after the fees have been paid, and in the event of a dispute, the staff may detain the vehicle. In the event of a payment dispute, the customer may not base any further claims on the detention of the vehicle.

If a person who is unable to present a parking card intends to take the vehicle out of the car park, the operator will also examine the right of disposal separately. The staff shall invite the driver to prove his identity and to present proof of ownership. If the driver and the person named in the title deed are not the same, the original of a power of attorney with the legible signature and address of at least two witnesses must also be handed over. In case of doubt, the operator is entitled to request official action, until which he may detain the vehicle. Any direct or indirect claim against the operator arising from a dispute over the right to dispose of the vehicle is excluded.

Transfer procedure

The operator provides round-trip travel between the car park and the 2nd airport terminals of Liszt Ferenc Airport for its customers by its own bus. (airport transfer)

The price of the transfer is included in the parking fee, however, in case of any unjustified transfer, we apply an individual transfer fee. If the customer does not wish to use the transfer, it does not change the fees.

Please indicate the need for the airport transfer at the parking lot upon arrival at the car park, for the return trip from the airport by phone, at the numbers given on the parking card after picking up the suitcases.

If there is a change in the provided return data (flight number, time), please notify us by phone or email at the contact details indicated on the parking card.

The liability of the operator for material and personal damages occurring during the transfer is in accordance with the GTC.

The shuttle service is provided by the operator upon request. The operator undertakes to deliver the shuttle bus to the car park for the return journey and to the terminal for the return journey within 20 minutes of receiving the request. The informative journey time is approx. 15 minutes. It is in the sole interest of the customer to take the above time requirements into account to the extent necessary for their travel.

The operator will do everything in his power to bring the customer to the terminal or to the terminal at least within the maximum time indicated above. to the car park, but is not responsible for the consequences of any delays due to technical or traffic reasons and official measures. Claims for access to aircraft are excluded.

The staff assists in the safe embarkation and disembarkation of the transfer buses, however, it is not their task to load and handle the packages, the bus drivers and staff are not obliged to do so.


As a passenger, the customer also undertakes to comply with the traffic regulations and the requirements of cultured travel.

By leaving the car park properly, the legal relationship between the parties ends, after which the operator will not accept any complaints related to the service.

Issues not settled in the parking regulations are governed by the Civil Code and other legal provisions concerning the activities of the operator.

The current parking fee is an appendix to the GTC.


Vecsés, November 1, 2013

Valid from 1 November 2013 until revoked

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